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A new solo play inspired by Madame Bovary.

In residence at IRT Theater April 2018.

Viewed as either groundbreaking or abhorrent, the starkly polarizing figure of Emma Bovary is the focal point of this new solo show. The components of Madame Bovary and the world’s reaction to a woman defined by her voracious desire will be fragmented and exposed, blurring the lines between this 19th century feminist/ anti-heroine prototype and contemporary societal constructs and suggesting that a yearning for self-assertion remains all too familiar to women today. In the age of clickbait feminism and retail therapy, have we moved away from Emma Bovary’s inability to find meaningful self-expression and connection—or dug ourselves deeper into the same problem? Using audience interaction, dance, and multimedia, YOU/ EMMA draws the audience into a complicated intimacy with Flaubert’s seminal anti-heroine.